I was reading the wire from a month or so back and they had a special on compilations, one of which covered was Macro Dub Infection, a 95 release complied by Kevin Martin (aka The Bug, etc).

This info was filed away somewhere in my head, not quite in the ‘must google this now’ section, but just below in the ‘must try and remember to check this out at some point’ part of the brain.

Then lunchtime at work a week back I take a late lunch and pop into the local Oxfam books and music shop, flicking through the racks of 90s RnB 12” mix releases, operetta LPs, and 80s soft rock I came across the 3LP release.

Stars aligning and all that shit…

Really mixed selection of dubbed out tracks, boss 90s cover too, but this one stuck out for me. I knew/know nothing about The Golden Palominos and so can’t say if this is in line with their general shtick but, damn, its a nice head nodding tune. Solid bass line throughout which reminded me of much on the kind of recent Forest Swords LP/EP Dagger Paths.

From that release check out Glory Gongs;

Anyways… there you go - 2 top tunes for the price of fuck all. Enjoy!



Lee Bannon - Alternate/Endings

The last few years has seen a bit of a return to breakbeat and jungle, often from producers who’ve been busy with other beats looking to brief new life into some staid tech house or dub. Of course, there’s also been plenty of people who’ve been putting out great stuff all along, ploughing them there fields and not have their heads turned by whatever is flavour of the month.
Me? Shit, well, I’m always happy to roll with whatever seems popular (or at least popular to some weird level) if I dig it - but I can’t pretend to have been paying much attention to those breaks - maybe since the arse-end of DnB or at least some Full Cycle related stuff from just after the turn of the millennium when the 90s waves crashed over 2K and then slowly rolled back towards the horizon. e.g. I’m no expert.
But I do dig a rolling set of drums and skittering hi hats which I cannot fathom but can move to - although I will happily hold my hand up to being a shocking, if enthusiastic, dancer. And with plodding dubstep or 4:4 house I do find that I yearn for a bit of rhythmic mayhem… Just maybe not constant I-can’t-keep-up-with-this-anymore breaks/breaks/breaks… and so thank god for the new Lee Bannon LP.
This has been on the headphones for weeks and I still find new corners and hidden treasure in each track. From the pacman-a-gogo of NW/WB to the 1 finger melody of 216 and the new soul of title track Alternate/Endings - loads of styles but each with a perplexing bit of science eating into the core, re-modelling the tracks or just a straight up banger.
Not that I’ve been hearing many new LPs this year but I’ve yet to hear one to beat this. Hey, I hope I will! But for the time being I’ll still be happy strolling along with this soundtracking the emerging spring.

Flash on. Flash off. Tree with a hole through it in the forest…

Skeletal Tree off of Rhinefield Road in the forest

Skeletal Tree off of Rhinefield Road in the forest